BNI-ASU Center for Preclinical Imaging

The mission of the BNI-ASU Center for Preclinical Imaging is to provide state-of-the-art imaging technology and expertise for researchers in the Phoenix area. Key to that goal is our 7-Tesla Bruker Biospec MRI scanner. The center is a joint effort between Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona State University with the goal of providing a key piece of core technology and advancing science across the Valley.

Over the last decade, high-field MRI systems have opened the door to new discoveries in biology and medicine. Investigators can use this cutting-edge resource to examine, in vivo, both the anatomy and function in their preclinical models. In addition to advanced technology, the center also provides imaging expertise to help researchers develop and implement their imaging protocols.


Investigator Institution Study
Kevin Bennett ASU MRI techniques to detect single renal glomerular function in nephritic mice
Kevin Bennett ASU Implantable MRI reporter gels with picolmolar sensitivity
Kevin Bennett ASU Water diffusion as an MRI biomarker of cellular invasion in brain tumors
Kevin Bennett ASU Aquaporins as MRI reporter genes
Nikolay Martirosyan BNI Manganese enhanced MRI for detection of spinal cord injury
Vinodh Naraynan BNI Axonal transport in the NF1-/+ mouse in vivo:  an MEMRI study
Mark Preul BNI Anatomico-Histopathological validation of Right and Left Insular cortices using 7T-MR DTI on ex-vivo cadaver brains
Mark Preul BNI Comparison of 7T diffusion imaging with fiber histology in an ex-vivo sheep brain
Jiong Shi BNI Imaging CNS inflammation and autoimmune pathology in murine models of multiple sclerosis
Fu-Dong Shi BNI NK Cells and Myelin-Reactive Th17 Cells
Leland Hu Mayo Clinic Perfusion MRI to identify Bevacizumab failure in murine xenograft glioma models
Jason Kaufman Midwestern University Correlating MRI, histology, and functional recovery in a lateral compression model of rodent spinal cord injury
Clifford Whatcott TGen Measuring pH in Tumor Through MRI Technology