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PHIP Application Deadlines

Session Application Opens Application Closes
Summer 2024 Jan. 8, 2024 Mar. 8, 2024
Fall 2024 Mar. 11, 2024 May 10, 2024
Spring 2025 Aug. 19, 2024 Oct. 11, 2024


Submit an application for the Pre-Health Internship Program for consideration. Applications will close at 4pm on the deadline date. 

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*Please note: there is a separate application for the BIO 390 program. Apply here for BIO 390

The Pre-Health Internship Program (PHIP) is a university-wide program designed to develop high quality activities that give ASU students the practical experience needed to be competitive in post-graduate degree programs and careers. Internships provide additional hands-on experience in a professional setting and offer students an opportunity to explore potential career options. PHIP internship opportunities are utilized for educational purposes. Both paid and unpaid opportunities can be used for credit experience pending vetting and completion of affiliation process by PHIP.  

The PHIP placement process is highly competitive and is available to students from all ASU programs, colleges and campuses. Students seeking PHIP internship experiences work with a PHIP Placement Specialist to secure a placement site that best fits their career interests.

Academic Criteria
  1. Junior or Senior status and completion of a minimum of 45 credit hours 
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 
  3. Student must be in "good standing"
  4. Prerequisite courses and specific GPA requirements may be required for some programs and will be provided by the appropriate academic advisor or coordinator
  5. High school graduation dates will be taken into consideration even if student meets the minimal criteria. Freshman not permitted to apply.

Students who wish to submit an application must first contact their academic advisor or internship coordinator from their college to verify eligibility and identify the appropriate course. Once you have confirmed eligibility with your academic program, submit an application for the Pre-Health Internship Program for consideration. Applications will close at 4pm on the deadline date. 

Online programs have a separate process,  visit the Online Student Placement page for more information. 

 PHIP Application Deadlines

Session Application Opens Application Closes
Summer 2024 Jan. 8, 2024 Mar. 8, 2024
Fall 2024 Mar. 11, 2024 May 10, 2024
Spring 2025 Aug. 19, 2024 Oct. 11, 2024


Apply Now

*Please note, there is a separate application for BIO 390. Apply here for BIO 390

Once an application has been submitted: 

  1. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the student to verify that the application has been received.

  2. The PHIP Placement Specialist will be in contact with the student to refine the student's responses. The PHIP office may request additional areas of specialties that the student may be interested in shadowing.

  3. The PHIP Placement Specialist contacts potential sites to determine which sites are able to host an intern for the coming semester based on student interests.

  4. Once a site availability is confirmed, the PHIP Placement Specialist will contact the student via e-mail to set up and coordinate an interview. The PHIP Placement Specialist will also send the student information a potential job description so the student is aware of the responsibilities at that site.

  5. The student sends the Site Supervisor an introductory e-mail, attaching his/her resume and requesting a convenient date and time for either a phone or in-person interview to explore the internship. Some sites may request a phone call.

  6. The student and the Site Supervisor conduct the interview and agree to the placement. The student will then be granted permission to register and enroll for the appropriate internship course. 

  7. The Educational Agreement (EA) must be completed to ensure that the student and Site Supervisor have determined the work hours for the internship. The student notifies the PHIP Placement Specialist that the placement has been confirmed through e-mail and sends over the completed EA. (Students will be informed if some courses will require the EA first, to enroll) 

The Educational Agreement (EA) serves as the learning agreement between a student and Site Supervisor. It is an individualized learning agreement, unique to each student. The student and Site Supervisor should work collaboratively to develop the content for the EA, but it is the student's responsibility to complete and submit the document no later than one week prior to the internship start date or as assigned by the course instructor.

Students are not permitted to enroll in an internship course until an interview has been completed and student has been accepted for the internship. Students should confer with an academic advisor to select the course that best fits their program of study. Examples of internship courses include:

Hours & Credits

Based on the program in which a student is enrolled, the hours for an internship can range from 90-270. Most students elect to complete 3 credits (135 hours). Some programs allow the option, or require, completing up to 6 credits (270 hours), requiring a greater number of hours in the clinical experience.  

Students are placed during a 14 week semester for the Fall and Spring terms and an 8 week semester for the Summer term. Students average about 10-12 hours on site and are required to complete the hours for the entire duration of the semester.  

Schedules will be set with the Site Supervisor prior to beginning. We encourage students to set aside at least 2 full days a week to complete their internship hours. 

Once accepted into a site, the PHIP Placement Specialist will notify students of the health and safety requirements that are required for their specific clinical internship site. 

Visit the Health Requirement Resources page to find providers for low cost or free immunizations and tests. 

*Students are responsible for all costs for any health and safety requirements needed. All requirements will vary among internship sites but may include the following:

  • Immunizations or titers (Hepatitis B series, MMR, Varicella)
  • Hepatitis B declination form
  • Negative Two-Step Tb test or Quantiferon blood test
  • CPR certification: BLS for Healthcare Providers, must be AHA or American Red Cross 
  • Drug screening: Panel 10 drug test;  Fee of $45.00 from Castlebranch
  • Background check:  Fee of $67.00 from Castlebranch
  • Fingerprint clearance card:  The application fee is $65.00.  Electronic fingerprinting fee is $7.95. Fingerprints completed through other services may cost $40.00 or more. 
  • Evidence of personal health insurance
  • Certificates/Licenses
    • Pharmacy Internships require students to hold a valid Pharmacy Tech or Pharmacy Tech Training License . For more information, please visit the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy. The Pharm Tech License fee is $82.00. The Pharm Tech Trainee License fee is $25.00

My Clinical Exchange [mCE]

Students interning at any Banner, HonorHealth, Dignity, Abrazo, Valleywise, Phoenix Children's or Health South locations will be required to complete all health and safety requirements for the selected hospital and complete compliance requirements through My Clinical Exchange (mCE). There is a $20.00 fee for a 6 month account.   

Please note: all requirements must be completed in mCE 3-4 weeks prior to the internship start date. Student will be informed of the deadline date set per hospital.

The PHIP Internship Site Directory is located on this website. Students may view the directory for internship opportunities. Students must have an ASURITE ID to login and view the directory.


We ask that students DO NOT CONTACT DIRECTORY SITES. While the PHIP Directory can provide an idea of partnered sites, the Placement Specialist will manage the matching and placement process for these sites. 

The Pre-Health Internship Program partners with local companies, organizations and facilities and typically these internship opportunities will be presented to the student as an option, but students are not limited to those. If a student does find an internship on their own, it is important to complete the New Site Application as soon as possible and inform a Placement Specialist.

New Site Application

If you are unable to access the webform, a paper from can be found here

  1. Comply with PHIP, academic program and site policies, procedures and objectives.
  2. If an absence is anticipated, or tardiness occurs for any reason, a call to the facility is necessary. If the supervisor cannot be reached, a message should be left explaining the situation. However, it is strongly advised to speak directly to the supervisor.
  3. Students should not ask for time off. Absences due to illness or unexpected events are acceptable. The time missed will need to be made up. The site supervisor will use discretion regarding time off. If an issue arises, the site supervisor is encouraged to contact one of the PHIP Placement Specialists.
  4. During the internship, student interns may choose to observe ASU holidays. 

In addition, all students are governed by Rules and Regulations of Arizona State University. These can be found on the ASU website at:

The students are responsible for submiting all evaluations for completion. The PHIP Placement Specialists and the appropriate academic coordinator/faculty will evaluate the student’s performance based on the site evaluations and feedback received from the site supervisor/preceptor and any additional course assignments. The appropriate course faculty will grant the student a pass/fail grade for those students receiving credit for the internship course.

Students will be provided with, and evaluated on, the following opportunities:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills learned in the academic program with actual clients/patients
  • Expand the knowledge and skills acquired in the academic program
  • Refine the interpersonal skills and attitudes necessary for effective interaction and communication
  • Promote the continued development of self-evaluation and problem-solving skills
  • Facilitate clarification of career objectives
  • Effectively and efficiently facilitate the transition from the role of students to the role of professional
  • Network with industry professionals