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Student Placement Agreement Templates

The Office of Clinical Partnerships (OCP) utilizes the DocuSign web-based system for authorized users to prepare, and acquire the authorizing signatures for, academic affiliation and student placement agreements (SPAs). DocuSign provides a mechanism to (1) track the status of each agreement, and to (2) search a central repository of fully-executed agreements.

ASU DocuSign Access for ASU Administrators and Staff

DocuSign does not require an account in order to sign documents.  Internship coordinators and other authorized users who initiate and process SPAs must establish their own ASU DocuSign account.

NOTE:  Due to ASU's Single Sign-on process, all DocuSign accounts are created using your (asuriteusername)@asu.edu.  

  • Authorization is required to use OCP's shared templates and to access the central repository of executed agreements.  Once an ASU DocuSign account is established, e-mail Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill to confirm this step is complete.  The account will then be added to the Provost-Clinical Partnerships DocuSign group, thereby granting access to OCP's shared templates and to the central repository.

IMPORTANT:  There is no access to OCP's shared templates until (a) an account has been established, and (b) it has been linked to the shared folder.

To learn more about using DocuSign to process academic affiliation and student placement agreements, including scheduling individual consults or group in-service, please contact Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill.

DocuSign Templates

There are two versions of each template:

  1. Paid Internship Application
  2. Unpaid Student Placemen Agreement

NOTE:  The DocuSign Agreement Details template must be completed for every non-standard sponsor-provided agreement uploaded.