Andrew Niemann

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Andrew Niemann
Andrew Niemann, ASU Pre-Health Internship Program intern
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Affiliated Dermatology

Has the internship stimulated your interest in the field?
I shadowed many physicians and learn much about the skin. I assisted with all aspects of the office, from filing to helping patients. My internship at this dermatology office has really stimulated my interest in the field. Before going into the internship, I did not have a clear path of what I wanted to do. However, after the internship, now I know that I would like to go into this field after medical school.
What key skills do you feel you have developed and gained from the internship? What have you learned from participating in the program?
The key skill that I developed from the internship is how to correctly treat patients. Also, being in this internship was kind of a dermatology class in itself. During my internship I was made aware of the many different names and diagnosis’ in the field, and I now know much more about the skin compared to when I started the internship.
What suggestions would you give to students who want to participate in PHIP?
My suggestion is to definitely participate in the program. It has opened many doors for me in my career and it will do the same for you. 
What are your plans for career development and/or your education after your internship?
I am happy to have been offered a job as a Medical Assistant at Affiliated Dermatology after my internship. I have been accepted into Kansas City School of Medicine and will be attending in the Fall.