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The Pre-Health Internship Program serves as a bridge between the academic program, the student and the community partner. Christina Islas is the Pre-Health Internship Placement Specialist and the primary contact. She is available at or 480-727-4765.

A. Verifying completion of pre-internship requirements

The Pre-Health Internship Placement Specialist will verify that each student has completed all requirements to begin an internship. A checklist of requirements includes: Application, Immunizations, Tb skin test, background check, fingerprint clearance and drug screening (as needed) and verification of student’s personal health insurance. **Please note that evidence of acceptable health insurance must be provided prior to being placed on site.

B. Conducting student placement and notification of student

Once the Pre-Health Internship Placement Specialist has verified all requirements have been completed, the Site Supervisor will be contacted to discuss availability. A student will then be scheduled for an interview with site staff. When the student has been accepted, he/she will need to complete the Educational Agreement and return to the Pre-Health Internship Placement Specialist to indicate acceptance of the internship.

C. Securing affiliation agreements

The Pre-Health Internship Program is required to negotiate a formal written agreement with each internship site. The program will secure all Student Placement Agreements with the community partners and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled prior to student placement. Once the agreement has been signed, it is an ongoing agreement for five years unless one party wishes to terminate

In the event a student secures a position with a facility not yet affiliated with the Pre-Health Internship Program, the student must contact the Placement Specialist as soon as possible. The Placement Specialist will determine the suitability of the site and will coordinate with the Manager of Health Internships to establish an agreement.

D. Engaging in ongoing communication with program/internship coordinators and preceptors/site supervisors

Site visits provide the Placement Specialist, the student and Site Supervisor the opportunity to exchange views on student performance and ensure a correlation of academic preparedness. The Pre-Health Internship Placement Specialist will be in direct contact with preceptors/site supervisors regarding student internship progress. Site visits may be conducted on an as needed basis and/or phone conversations may be used in lieu of site visits.

In addition, a midterm and final evaluation will need to be completed for each student on site to assess student progress.

E. Guidelines regarding incidents or accidents

Students are to report all accidents involving themselves or clients/patients to their Site Supervisor. The Site Supervisor will follow the site’s protocol regarding accidents and contact the Placement Specialist. Appropriate written documentation should be completed. Students must carry their own personal health insurance to cover any injuries that might result from the accident.

Occasionally, difficulties or conflicts can arise that decrease the effectiveness of the training experience for one or more parties involved. If the student is not progressing, the following steps may occur:

  • The Site Supervisor will identify and address the concerns with the student directly.
  • The Site Supervisor will develop a plan of action to improve the student’s performance by identifying the objectives that need to be met and how to progress.
  • If improvements have not been made, the Site Supervisor may contact the Placement Specialist and request a meeting to serve as a facilitator. If objectives are not met the student may be removed from the internship site resulting in a substitution of a new site or a failing grade for the internship course.

Termination: An internship site is a cooperative relationship between the university, the site and student. Reasons deemed sufficient for termination are:

  • Mutual consent and agreement for termination accepted by the student, site and Placement Specialist for reasons of illness, emergency, or other unforeseen issues.
  • Failure, on the part of the student, to abide by the policies of the clinical site or the policies.
  • Failure by the student to establish and maintain a satisfactory performance level.
  • Failure of the internship site and/or Site Supervisor to abide by agreed upon supervision and educational experiences of the student.

Termination of the assignment of a student under conditions stated above should follow carefully developed procedures to ensure consideration for all parties. If removal appears necessary, the reasons should be put in writing by the Site Supervisor and given to the student and Placement Specialist. The Placement Specialist will talk with all parties involved in the situation before a final decision is made.

It is a student’s responsibility to inform the Placement Specialist of any problems that cannot be successfully resolved through the Site Supervisor.

F. Verifying completion of internship requirements

The student is responsible to submit an evaluation for completion. The Placement Specialist and appropriate academic coordinator/faculty will evaluate the student’s performance based on the site evaluations and feedback received from the site preceptor/supervisor.