Online Student Placement Process

Online Student Application Deadlines

Session Application Opens Application Closes
Summer 2024 November 14, 2023 March 8, 2024
Fall 2024 March 12, 2024 June 14, 2024
Spring 2025 July 9, 2024 November 8, 2024


Submit an application by the deadline date to be considered. 

 Online Student Application

PHIP Online Student Internship Process

The Pre-Health Internship Program (PHIP) supports the placement of all students seeking clinical internships, independent of degree program or location. This is done in close coordination with the student’s academic advisor and internship coordinator to ensure proper placement in high quality, hands-on experience in a professional setting necessary to be competitive in post-graduate degree programs in the health professions.

Students planning on enrolling in internship course in the following semester, must first meet with their academic advisors to confirm eligibility and secure a clinical internship through PHIP. More information regarding the process and the PHIP Application are listed below.

  • Students living in the Phoenix metropolitan area (Maricopa County)
    Placement specialists will arrange for students to interview with existing clinical partners that match professional interests.
  • Students living outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area (Maricopa County)

    Online students are responsible for locating an internship in their geographical location. However, Placement Specialist will support students by researching opportunities and will seek the necessary student placement agreement for the student to intern at the site for course credit.

The Pre-Health Internship Program serves as a bridge between the academic program, the student, and the community partner. Angelica Islas-Mohr is the Online Placement Specialist and main point of contact. You may direct questions and inquiries to or (480) 727-4264. 

PHIP Online Student Placement Process Orientation Recording (ID: 890 7536 5454)

  • Junior or senior status and completion of a minimum 45 credit hours
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and in “good standing,” even if the student's program does not have an equivalent GPA requirement for internships or internship course. 
  • Prerequisite course requirements will be provided by academic advisor or coordinator.
  • High school graduation dates will be taken into consideration even if the student meets the minimal criteria. Freshman are not permitted to apply. 

Students should confer with an academic advisor to select the course that best fits their program of study. Examples of internship courses include:

  • The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • School of Life Sciences, BIO 484
    • School of Molecular Sciences, CHM 394
  • College of Health Solutions
    • Health Sciences, HSC 484
    • Medical Studies (beginning Fall 2023) MED 484

Hours & Credits

Based on the program in which a student is enrolled, the hours for an internship can range from 90-270. Most students elect to complete 3 credits (135 hours).

Students average about 10-12 hours on site and are required to complete the hours for the entire duration of the semester.  

Schedules will be set with the Site Supervisor prior to beginning. We encourage students to set aside at least 2 full days a week to complete their internship hours. 

Students who wish to submit an application must first contact their academic advisor or internship coordinator from their college to verify eligibility and identify the appropriate course. Once you have confirmed eligibility with your academic program, submit an application by the deadline to be considered. 

 Online Student Application

Students are required to follow these steps:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to confirm you meet internship criteria
  2. Complete the Online Student Pre-Health Internship Application.
  3. The Online Placement Specialist will review your application and discuss best practices for finding an internship site in your area. Essentially, you will be responsible for finding your own internship. 
  4. Research possible internships sites in your area that match your interests and goals. Where possible, review the credentials of the site in the public domain.
  5. Contact site supervisor or office manager to discuss potential opportunities for university-sponsored internship. Make sure you communicate with someone with decision-making authority at the prospective internship site. 
  6. Discussion topics: 
    • State you are a student at ASU seeking a clinical internship.
    • Be prepared to provide the following information: 1) your academic program, 2) start and end dates, 3) number of hours of experience required, 4) that this will be a for-credit internship (paid opportunities are viable) and 5) why you are interested in that site.
    • Speak professionally, clearly and respectfully.
    • Ask if a phone or virtual interview is viable. The site may request an in-person interview.
    • Discuss if there is a GPA requirement.
    • Discuss preceptor responsibilities.
    • Discuss student role, responsibilities, and duties.
    • Provide site with Pre-Health Internship Objectives packet (Placement Specialist will provide this to you). Send electronically or during the in-person interview.
    • Confirm mutual interest with site.
  7. Provides Placement Specialist with contact information for the site. The Placement Specialist will secure the appropriate placement agreement.
  8. Complete health requirements, if applicable.
  9. Placement Specialist will Inform the academic unit when placement is secured and request student enrollment in the appropriate internship class.

Students are required to follow these steps:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to confirm you meet internship criteria
  2. Complete the Online Student Pre-Health Internship Application. 
  3. The Online Placement Specialist will send you email confirmation the application has been received and address questions/details, and refine areas of interest.
  4. The Placement Specialist will determine site availability and send student prospective site information.
  5. Student will review job description and confirm interest.
  6. Student will contact site supervisor to coordinate a date and time for an interview.
  7. Student will inform Placement Specialist if accepted by the site.
  8. Student will complete site’s health requirements, if applicable.
  9. Once placement is secured, the online student may enroll for the appropriate internship course with academic advisor.

Once accepted, the Placement Specialist will verify and guide the student through the site’s health and safety requirements, if applicable. The student will be informed if there are any requirements to complete. Please note: students are responsible for all costs of health and safety requirements

Visit the Health Requirement Resources page to find providers for low cost or free immunizations and tests. 

All requirements will vary among sites, but may include the following:

  • Immunizations or titers (Hepatitis B series, MMR, Varicella)
  • Hepatitis B declination form
  • Negative Two-Step Tb test or Quantiferon blood test
  • CPR certification: BLS for Healthcare Providers, must be AHA or American Red Cross
  • Drug screening: Panel 10 drug test; Fee of $40.00 from Castlebranch
  • Background check: Fee of $67.00 from Castlebranch
  • Fingerprint clearance card: The application fee is $65.00. Electronic fingerprinting fee is $7.95. Fingerprints completed through other services may cost $40.00 or more.
  • Evidence of personal health insurance
  • Pharmacy Internships
    • Pharmacy Internships require students to hold a valid Pharmacy Tech or Pharmacy Tech Training License. For more information, please visit your state board of pharmacy for pertinent information and fees.
  • My Clinical Exchange
    • Some sites require My Clinical Exchange to create student rotations. Students interning at such a site will complete compliance requirements (modules, quizzes) through My Clinical Exchange (mCE). There is a $20.00 fee for a six-month account. Please note: all requirements must be completed in mCE 2-4 weeks prior to the internship start date.
  • Comply with PHIP, academic program and site policies, procedures, and objectives.
  • If an absence is anticipated, or tardiness occurs for any reason, a call to the facility is necessary. If the supervisor cannot be reached, a message should be left explaining the situation. However, it is strongly advised to speak directly to the supervisor.
  • Students should not ask for time off. Absences due to illness or unexpected events are acceptable. The time missed will need to be made up. The site supervisor will use discretion regarding time off. If an issue arises, the site supervisor is encouraged to contact one of the PHIP Placement Specialists.
  • During the internship, student interns may choose to observe ASU holidays.

In addition, all students are governed by Rules and Regulations of Arizona State University. These can be found on the ASU website at: