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Luis Novelo
Luis Novelo, ASU Pre-Health Internship Program intern
Course of study: 
Emergency Medicine
Internship site: 
Banner University Medical Center Emergency Department

Has the internship stimulated your interest in the field?
I had the honor of serving as a Patient Ambassador at Banner University Medical Center’s Emergency Department. Each shift consisted of improving each patient’s visit to the ED by providing a variety of services from providing a warm blanket to aiding in patient transport to acting as a patient’s liaison to the day’s healthcare providers. This also meant that I witnessed first-hand a wide array of primary care services from patient triage to more specialized procedures within the trauma center.
This internship has renewed my passion for service within all aspects of primary care. Partaking in a patient-first ideology of healthcare delivery is a wonderful experience that is inspiring in what an individual can do in emergency medicine.
What key skills do you feel you have developed and gained from the internship? What have you learned from participating in the program?
I have gained a new perspective on the operations within the ED and how they integrate with other hospital functions while refining my ability to communicate clearly and concisely with patients and professionals in the field. Furthermore, I have developed a better sense of how to prioritize actions and decision in an environment characterized by multi-faceted issues.
What suggestions would you give to students who want to participate in BIO 390?
Ask questions! Do not be afraid to say that you do not know something or are unsure. It is better to ask for clarification and get it right than to do something incorrectly and having to fix the
consequences later. Besides, asking questions allows the ED staff to get to know you better which increases the likelihood of getting unique opportunities within the ED itself such as watching emergency surgical procedures.
What are your plans for career development and/or your education after your internship?
I plan to take the MCAT in the coming months and apply to medical schools during the next cycle of applications with the hopes of ultimately obtaining my M.D.